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More about our gummies...

Our gummies are always infused to insure consistent dosing with a full spectrum, lab tested, RSO. What distinguishes us from the rest is our wide range of dosages which make it easy and convenient for novice and experienced users alike to find the right fit. We also offer a variety of flavours to appeal to many different taste buds. Above all our conscious products, no matter what the choice, are designed to nourish body and mind.


Granny's Secret Stash are the best gummies I've ever had. The dosing is consistent and the plant strains they contain provide a gradual onset and a long lasting effect that I can count on. The perfect balance of calming and grounding with a side of warm euphoria and the right amount of stimulating to help me get through whatever I've got going on. Overall a superb quality product and I'd highly recommend you try! 
- L, 39 year old from Vancouver, BC
Very helpful after a hectic day!
Thank you for making these.

- A, 45 year old from Dawsons Creek, BC
These gummies are perfection! I slept amazing. 
- L, 65 year old from Langley, BC
Slept so well! I don't think I moved. Absolutely no grogginess.
- M, 66 year old from King City, Ontario
I heard about you through a friend and have tried your product. It worked well for me. I take the gummies to help me sleep and to have a good laugh. 
- V, 73 year old from Ajax, ON
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