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When I was a little girl I used to just love baking with my Granny. I’ll never forget the time she let me make one giant cookie with all the dough. It never really baked properly, but I’ll tell you, that was the moment that my spark for creativity in the kitchen started.

After graduating high school in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada I bee lined it straight to Paris where I studied and apprenticed as a pastry chef. I sure managed to gain a roll or two under my bloomers but you know what they say, never trust a skinny chef!

With all of the learning I gained I decided to open up my own little shop where I made and sold baked goods and candy. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing people's faces light up while enjoying my treats.

Back in the 70’s I was a fun loving hippie. I spent many memorable nights sitting around the bonfire or dancing away at outdoor concerts, always sharing a few tokes with friends. I loved having a puff or two to help me relax and enjoy the ride, but as age has crept up on me I have come to realize its many other benefits! With the help of my plant friends my arthritis has never felt better and boy oh boy do I ever sleep like a log!

After retiring from my shop I needed a new hobby to keep me occupied so I started growing my own plants! It’s a meticulous process that requires just the right balance on environment and care ... but my plants have become my children. It’s my job to help them flourish and grow by giving them love and attention. What ya put in is what ya get out!

It wasn’t until recently my love for being in the kitchen and cannabis came full circle. Today I am here to offer you the tastiest of treats that are infused with full spectrum RSO and of course, love. I pride myself and my treats on being trustworthy and consistent, bite after bite.

Welcome to Granny’s Secret Stash where my goal is to bring healing to the world one gummy at a time.

With Love,
Granny B.
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